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Terms and conditions

Before purchasing reviews or accounts from our site be sure to read the following terms and conditions:

1. Users must provide accurate and truthful information while signing up for our services. If someone provides fake or untrue information our system will rapidly quash their accounts.

2. Our products and services must be used lawfully and we don’t provide services that violate any kind of law.

3. If a client purchases and uses our products or services, After that want to back those services these are non-refundable.

4. Users should never send us any content that is spam, viruses, or any other molecules or any illegal content.

5. We reserve the right to terminate or discontinue service to customers for any reason, provided that they do not have the right to demand compensation from us.

6. We are not responsible for any content posted by users.

7. Of course the user should not buy reviews from different agencies at the same time.

A consumer should contact us only if he/she can properly comply with these terms and conditions.

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